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Natural Growth-Factors regenerate damaged tissues and aging cells day after day, month after month, for the entire life of your beloved pet!

BiogenicPET Vitality is the only feed supplement available in Europe that contains these natural growth-factors:

  • Connective-Tissue-Growth-Factors


  • Fibroblast-Growth-Factors


  • Epidermal-Growth-Factors


  • Nerve-Growth-Factors


  • Insulin-Like-Growth-Factors

    (IGF-1, IGF-2)

Whole body rejuvenation through the natural power of growth-factors

Growth Factors are responsible for reprogramming adult stem cells and amino acids in the body which consist the building blocks and framework of cellular repair mechanism. Extensive scientific research credits Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGF) as the essential growth factor that reprograms adult stem cells and thus overall cellular regeneration. There are 5 core growth factors that can be found in Humanofort:

  • Connective-Tissue-Growth-Factors (CTGF)

    promote collagen production and affects tissues first which improves ligament functions and alleviates joint pains.

  • Fibroblast-Growth-Factors (FGF)

    play an important role in the development of skeleton and nervous system, moreover stimulate their regeneration.

  • Epithelial-Growth-Factors (EGF)

    help to regenerate various wounds more quickly moreover promotes skin tissue and hair growth. The dog’s and cat’s fur will become shinier, and reduce shedding.

  • Nerve-Growth-Factors (NGF)

    protect the viability and integrity of neurons and promotes neural cell survival thus alleviate anxiety and depression, and maintain the health of the nervous system. This in turn keeps the animal alert and enhances the ability to concentrate.

  • Insulin-Like Growth Factors (IGF-1, IGF-2)

    play an important role in liver, kidney and brain growth, moreover the balance of the hormone system. This in turn has a beneficial effect on the adrenal cortical hormone production.

About Growth-Factors

BiogenicPet Vitality contains no hormones! The active ingredient contains a range of naturally occurring growth factors which are low molecular weight oligopeptides permitting them to pass through the digestive system intact for nutrient uptake in the small intestine, primarily through pinocytosis.

Standardized oligopeptides help to stimulate the division of mature cells, significantly aiding in the decreased mortality of older cells, and assist the body in normalizing numerous cellular processes by activating the Fibroblast Growth Factor receptors. When this occurs healing is accelerated and a variety of cellular processes are normalized resulting in cellular regeneration.

Clinical Pilot Studies

BiogenicPet Vitality helps bring balance to the body’s stress response system, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal-axis, which assists the entire endocrine system in achieving efficient homeostasis and operation. Subsequently, the endocrine system secretes hormones at optimum levels resulting in improved cellular signaling. Improved cellular signaling results in enhanced function and cellular rejuvenation and ultimately translates to optimal longevity and restoration of youthful vitality to the body.

Since the first product launch with standardized oligopeptides in 2004 there have been a number of clinical pilot trials conducted by veterinary clinics in California and Hungary and by the Veterinary University of Budapest, Hungary.  Below are some of the clinical pilot studies with standardized oligopeptide growth-factor therapy that has been published:

Study of the effect of an orally administered oligopeptide complex of embryonic origin (Humanofort® ) in the medicinal management of inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders accompanied by chronic pain in dogs  – Hungarian Veterinarian Journal 2014/4, 136, 235-240. – Click here to download

Clinical Experience with Growth Factor Therapy in our Hungarian Veterinary Practice by Dr. Róbert Gippert lead-veterinarian at the Small Animal Practice, Kapsovár, Hungary – Small Animal Practice Journal 2008, 2nd issue, page 78. – Click here to download

Everything started with Max!

In 2005 Max a Labrador Retriever suffered from chronic join pain and had serious mobility problems. At the local Belmont Pet Hospital Dr. Ava Ackerman was the first veterinarian who administered standardized oligopeptides containing natural growth-factors. Within a very short time Max became as mobile as a puppy. Max lived to be 16 years of age!


BiogenicPet Vitality CAT

60 tablets (1 month supply)

€ 34.90


BiogenicPet Vitality SMALL

60 tablets (1 month supply)

€ 34.90


BiogenicPet Vitality LARGE

60 tablets (1 month supply)

€ 44.90


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A: BiogenicPET is a super-premium feed supplement and a natural remedy that rejuvenates the body. Through its active ingredients it regenerates damaged and inflamed tissues, revitalizes aging cells, and protects the animal’s body from the harmful side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs.

A: BiogenicPet Vitality contains three active ingredients: Humanofort®, Selenium and vitamin-E and two inactive ingredients: brewer’s yeast and maltodextrin.

A: Unlike glucosamine, chondroitin-sulfate, green mussel extract, and other commonly available commodity feed materials, HUMANOFORT® is manufactured exclusively in low quantities from pharmaceutical grade Pathogen-Free-Fertilized-Eggs (PFFE) using a time consuming proprietary technology. No other feed material like it that could substitute HUMANOFORT®, which makes it an expensive product.

A: HUMANOFORT® is an award-winning and patented extract of growth factors (standardized oligopeptides) from natural source. These growth factors are low molecular weight proteins (standardized oligopeptides) isolated from the tissue of pathogen-free fertilized eggs.

A: Yes, HUMANOFORT® has clinically been tested and proven to have proliferative activity for different cell types involved in tissue regeneration in the body and in the medicinal management of inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders accompanied with chronic pain. This makes HUMANOFORT the only feed supplement that gives back the body’s own self-regenerating ability by the natural power of growth-factors. Furthermore, standardized oligopeptides have been trialed in many veterinary clinics throughout the U.S. and Europe and no negative side-effects have been reported.

A: Growth factors (not to be confused with growth hormones) are proteins that regulate cellular functions, which control the regeneration and proliferation of joint and skin tissue. They play an important role in maintaining healthy joint and skin structure and function.

Growth factors are naturally made by all cell types that make up the joints and epidermis (outer layer of skin) and dermis (the layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue) of the skin including keratinocytes, fibroblasts and melanocytes.

Growth-factors are responsible for early embryonic development and growth, and later in a fully developed body growth-factors regulate and restore the body’s disrupted endocrine system and hormonal balance, thereby naturally ensuring your pet’s vitality and ability to rejuvenate.

Numerous studies have proven that BiogenicPET Vitality is the perfect feed supplement for dogs and cats, it can naturally boost vitality and provide a strong and healthy immune system that is essential for the health of dogs and cats.

Connective-Tissue-Growth-Factors (CTGF) promotes collagen production and affects tissues first which improves ligament functions and alleviates joint pains. 

Epithelial-Growth-Factors (EGF) help to regenerate various wounds more quickly moreover promotes skin tissue and hair growth. The dog’s and cat’s fur will become shinier, and reduce shedding. 

Nerve-Growth-Factors (NGF) protect the viability and integrity of neurons and promotes neural cell survival thus alleviates anxiety and depression; maintain the health of the nervous system. This in turn keeps the animal alert and enhances the ability to concentrate.

Fibroblast-Growth-Factors (FGF) play an important role in the development of skeleton and nervous system, moreover stimulate their regeneration. 

Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGF-1, IGF-2) play an important role in liver, kidney and brain growth, moreover the balance of the hormone household. This in turn have a beneficial effect on the adrenocortical hormone production. 

A: Growth factors work by stimulating the biochemical pathways that promote joint and skin tissue repair and regeneration. They promote the formation of collagen and elastic fibers, which give the joints their elasticity and skin its softness and suppleness. Their synergistic interaction with other proteins in the joints, the epidermis and dermis results in skin repair and regeneration. The growth factors contained collectively applied to the joints and the skin surface penetrates the joints and epidermis, and restore and repair any imbalances.

A: Growth-factors in multi-potent cells provide the benefits and are responsible for the formation of such tissue types which are essential for the health of dogs and cats. Among the benefits experienced by thousands of satisfied pets owners are:

  • Overall youthful energy, improved mood, sleep, and appetite
  • Willingness to move around and play in cases of very old and frail animals
  • Amazing joint pain relief from serious joint, knee, and hip injuries
  • Faster recovery from joint injuries and improved mobility within days
  • Faster recovery from skin injuries and improved fur and skin within weeks
  • Less anxiety from separation, lack of space/mobility, and being home alone
  • Improved and more controlled reproductive biology and fertility rate in both sexes
  • Improved skeletal and muscular volume, and improved body posture
  • Improved concentration, agility, and performance of working dogs

A:  Even if your pet is well and without pain, the general supplementation of the daily feeding regimen will assure optimal health, vitality and longevity. But definitely give Vitality a chance:

  • As therapeutic remedy for animals suffering from chronic inflammatory musculoskeletal disorders associated with pain, especially in cases of knee, hip and joint injuries supporting collagen production, faster recovery and pain relief.
  • As therapeutic remedy for animals suffering from dermal injuries, especially in cases of alopecia and hair growth disorders supporting the regeneration of epithelial cells and providing faster hair growth, fuller fur, and healthier appearance.
  • For the elimination of unfavorable physiological effects of stress, especially increased cortisol level, caused by internal (cellular) and environmental factors i.e. lack of space and mobility, separation anxiety, dog- and cat shows, and poor diet.

Minimizing the side-effects of NSAID steroid and non-steroidal drugs and protection of gastrointestinal tract during medication with steroid and non-steroid drugs.

A: It is important to administer the BiogenicPet Vitality tablet twice a day: morning and evening. Your pet will love the BiogenicPet Vitality tablet for its taste so you can give it like a treat.

BiogenicPET Vitality LARGE formula:

  • For dogs over 50lbs the recommended daily dose is 2 x 1 tablets.
  • For dogs over 80lbs the recommended daily dose is 2 x 2 tablets.

BiogenicPET Vitality SMALL formula:

  • For dogs under 10lbs the recommended daily dose is 2 x 1/2 tablets.
  • For dogs under 50lbs the recommended daily dose is 2 x 1 tablets.

BiogenicPET Vitality CAT formula:

  • For cats under 10lbs the recommended daily dose is 2 x 1/2 tablets.
  • For cats over 10lbs the recommended daily dose is 2 x 1 tablets.

IMPORTANT: double to dose in cases of serious injuries, chronic pain, inflammation, or post-surgery until symptoms have improved significantly, then go back to the recommended daily dose!

A: No because Humanofort has Endocytosis and Exocytosis promoting activity. Endocytosis and Exocytosis are used by cells to transport molecules that cannot pass through the membrane passively. Endoytosis is the process of actively transporting molecules into the cells by engulfing it with its membrane. Exocytosis provides the opposite function and pushes molecules out of the cell. Like all systems in the body the need for homeostasis enables an equal flow of molecules in and out of the cell. This means the amount of molecules entering the cell by endocytosis is equal to the amount of molecules exiting the cell via exocytosis. The two processes combined ensure there is a balance of nutrients and waste for regulare cell life and function.

A: Yes, in fact an extensive toxicity study was conducted on over 100 mice and rats for a period of 6 months and no adverse side effects were recorded.

A: BiogenicPET Vitality contains few ingredients and has not had any reported allergic reactions.

A: In general BiogenicPet Vitality can be given from a young age as early as 3 months old, in fact it is strongly recommended for pregnant dogs and cats to aid optimal embryonic development of the pops and kittens. However most dog and cat owners start using the Vitality tablets when dogs and cats reach senior years, from 5-6 years of age onwards. It is better to start sooner than later when signs of degeneration of the joints are already visible.

A: For the rest of his/her life! As dogs and cats enter their senior years several factors influence their aging process; the environment they live in and the amount of anxiety causes the over production of cortisol (the stress hormone), the food and nutrients they receive or not receive and the over production of insulin (the blood glucose hormone) caused by grain rich high carb diet, and the quality of space and mobility they have for daily exercise. Other breed specific factors can make a difference in the senior years of a dog but the hormonal imbalance untreated can lead to serious degeneration of the body and downhill of health decline. That is why it is important to feed the BiogenicPet Vitality tablets for life to assure optimal endocrine balance and hormonal production. 

A: Yes! Our supplements are 100% natural, therefore can be used in conjunction with most prescription medications. For further questions please consult your vet or contact our customer service team at 01276 402 599 or via email at

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